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Passport Services


  Applying for an Australian passport


Please carefully follow the steps and read the the advice under further information. Due to an increase in demand, please allow 6-10 weeks to receive your new passport after successful lodgement.


Please ensure that all documents being sent to the High Commission is delivered to the physical address via courier, as we cannot accept responsibility for documents sent to our postal address.


Australian Passport applications

In-person applications

For anyone not eligible to lodge their application by courier, or who prefers to visit the Australian High Commission, Pretoria in person. 



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 PC8 child renewals by courier

  • under the age of 16 (i.e. 15 or below) and
  • has previously held an Australian passport  
Children aged 16-17 are not eligible for courier applications. 
Child Renewal by courier guidelines
Australian Passport Office

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 PC7 adult renewals by courier


Adults (18 years and over)

For a renewal, you will need a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older
  • was issued on or after 1 January 2006
  • had, when it was issued, at least two years’ validity
  • has your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and
  • has not been reported lost, stolen, or cancelled.

Australian Passport Office


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Advice and processing times

You can now lodge your PC7 renewal application and PC8 child renewal applications by courier. Click the relevant link below for information on in-person or courier applications.

Due to an increase in demand, please allow 6-10 weeks to receive your new passport after successful lodgement.




To book an appointment at the High Commission in Pretoria, please use this link:



Passport Fees

From 1 April 2023 fees for all applications will be charged in AUD, and payment will be taken at the time of lodgement.  No other form of payment, such as EFT, cash, Diner’s Club,  American Express or virtual cards are accepted.  

Fees for passport applications lodged with our Honorary Consuls in Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana may be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). The following credit card authorization form can be printed, completed and signed, if another person wishes to pay for your passport application by credit card only.

Fees are subject to annual indexation. No GST is payable on passport fees.

Credit Card Authorization Form


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Outreach events


We usually offer an annual outreach visit to Cape Town.  This outreach is a courtesy offered by the Australian High Commission, and it is not a requirement from the Australian Passport Office.

These trips are offered as and when staff capacity and other circumstances allow.  Although we do our utmost to accommodate as many applicants as we can, it is simply not possible for us to assist everyone.

As soon as an event is scheduled, it will also  be advertised on this website.

For more information on outreach events, click here to see our guide.

Should you need the new passport urgently, please book a regular appointment in Pretoria.

Emergency passport

In special circumstances an Emergency passport can be issued to Australian citizens where either they cannot complete all requirements (other than identity, citizenship and entitlement) for the issue of a full validity passport or they can complete all requirements but there is an exceptional need to travel urgently.

The Emergency passport can be issued within 2-business days, contains only 4 visa pages and its validity is usually limited to a period of seven months.  A full validity passport may be applied for simultaneously, utilising the same application as for the Emergency Passport. 

It is the responsibility of the holder to ensure the travel document is suitable for entry, transit and exit for any ongoing travel including visa requirements. 

If you need to travel within the next 48 hours, please contact the Australian High Commission immediately.

Passport validity

Ordinary passport (34 pages):

10 - year validity for persons aged 16 and over
5 -  year validity for children under 16 years and optional for persons aged 75 years and over

Replacement Passport (34 pages):

Only available to overseas applicants with full visa pages or minor damages but more than 2 years validity remaining on their current passport. A replacement passport will be issued with the same expiry date as the passport being replaced. 

Entry, exit and transit requirements

Some countries won't let you enter unless your passport is valid for six months after you plan to leave that country. It can apply even if you're just transiting or stopping over.

Some foreign governments and airlines apply the rule inconsistently. If you’re not sure your passport will be valid for long enough for your journey, consider getting a new passport.

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Passport FAQs

Do you have more questions? Read through our FAQs:

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If you cannot find the answer to your question, email us.

[email protected]  

Original documents located overseas

If your original documents are located in another country, you can have a friend or relative take the original documents to any Australian Passports Office and ask them to email it to the High Commisison in Pretoria (Pretoria Post)  There is a Passport office in each state capital.

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Report a lost or stolen passport

If your passport is lost or stolen, you have to tell us. Phone us on +27 12 423 6000 or email us [email protected]


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