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Visas and Migration

Visas and Migration  

Welcome to the Australian Immigration Office at the Australian High Commission, Pretoria. We are an overseas office of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Our office  provides visa, immigration and citizenship services to residents of South Africa and other countries in Southern and Western Africa. To see who is responsible for processing visa, immigration and citizenship services from your country of usual residence see: Country coverage - Africa 

From June 2019 the provider of Biometric Collection services for Australian visas will change from TLS to VFS. Please see the following table for the transition date in your location: 


TLS Last Day

VFS First Day

Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

31 May 2019

03 June 2019

Zimbabwe (Harare)

07 June 2019

10 June 2019

South Africa (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban)

20 June 2019

21 June 2019


Applicants wishing to book an appointment to have their biometrics collected must ensure their booking is confirmed with the correct provider. 

To book an appointment with VFS please click here.

From Monday 14th January 2019 the Immigration Office at the Australian High Commission in Pretoria will no longer take telephone queries.  Clients who wish to make enquiries should do so via our web enquiry form.

Visa Application Process

Current Visa Processing Times

SC 600 - 28 days

You should lodge complete visa applications, including required documentation supporting your application and providing biometrics. We use the information you provide to make a determination on whether we believe you are a genuine visa applicant. It is in your interest to provide as much information as possible with your application, as your visa application may be REFUSED if you do not substantiate your circumstances. Document Checklists are available for each visa type when using the Australian Government’s Visa Finder tool.

You should not book flights or make travel commitments until you have a visa to travel to Australia. The department will not be liable for any financial loss incurred by clients whose visa application was finalised later than expected or where an application is unsuccessful.

Important News

The Australian Government has announced it will enhance the way visa and citizenship services are delivered using the latest digital technologies. For more information visit the Department of Home Affairs' website.


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